Business Formation Lawyer


As a small business owner, you regularly encounter difficult legal questions. But maybe approaching a law firm for help seems intimidating. How much is it going to cost? Can you get help with one discrete task or will you have to commit yourself to a long-term, comprehensive relationship? Will they try to bully you into purchasing products that you don’t need? The McKenzie Law Firm, LLC  is a Denver Estate Planning and Colorado Small Business law firm helping small business owners with a range of tasks, big and small. We will discuss your needs with you first and then we will provide you with the best estimate before you have to take on any commitment.

Providing help for small business owners in the following areas:

Your small business is probably your most important asset. Now is not the time to take shortcuts. Let me help you with the following business-critical tasks:

  • Business formation
    What type of legal entity makes sense for your business? Are your agreements with your co-owners fair?
  • Risk management
    What risks is your business facing and what can you do to mitigate them?
  • Contract drafting and review
    Are your contracts protecting you or unwittingly turning you into an insurer for your suppliers and customers?
  • Regulatory compliance
    Do you know the laws and regulations that your business is required to follow, and are you in compliance with those laws and regulations?
  • Letter drafting
    Would a letter from a lawyer help you avoid or resolve a dispute?

Need help with something, not listed above, we have many years of experience with small businesses? Contact us and we can schedule a consultation to discuss your needs.

More information for small businesses

The Colorado Small Business Development Center also provides helpful information for small business owners.