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Forming, protecting, and passing on your business are part of your livelihood and legacy. Dan McKenzie and the McKenzie Law Firm assist businesses in all types of legal tasks, from the very beginning of the creation of a business, to making sure it’s a legacy left intact for those his clients care about the most.

The amount of money, time, energy and effort that you put into creating and maintaining a business is better protected with the right legal help. Don’t risk losing your business or getting into legal trouble because you neglect using trustworthy legal assistance. Contact the McKenzie Law Firm to keep your business legal and running smoothly with these services.

Small Business Formation

Starting a business is easier and simpler when you work with an experienced business formation lawyer from the very beginning. Save time, stress and hassle with your business creation when you get help from the McKenzie Law Firm in areas including:

  • Business formation, so you choose the best type of legal entity and business agreements for your company
  • Contract creation and review, so you save money and create the best arrangements with customers and suppliers
  • Regulatory compliance, so you always follow all business laws and regulations
  • Risk management, so you avoid costly business threats
  • Document and letter drafting, so you can avoid and resolve disputes

Dan McKenzie and his team ensure every step you take with your business is legal. The McKenzie Law Firm can help you get off the ground, or assist you with legal tasks once you’re up and running.

Issues like compliance and security can debilitate a business. Get caring legal help for your business whenever you need it, so you can focus on the aspects that will help grow your business.

Small Business Succession

What will happen to your business when you retire, die or become incapacitated? It may not be something you think you need to consider now, but situations can change in an instant at any time. Protect one of your most precious assets by consulting with a business succession attorney to plan who or what a third party will get your business when you pass on or can no longer run your business.

Having a Buy-Sell Agreement in place for your business now means expensive conflicts and tax implications can be avoided during a business transfer. Small business succession is an important part of a complete business plan, and the value of your business affects your overall estate value.

Ensure the worth of your business is protected and goes to the right entity so you can run your business confidently. Know your business is in great hands now and beyond.

Small Business Documents

Dan McKenzie is a Colorado attorney with many years of experience who can advise you on how to accomplish your business goals while minimizing the stress of fees, paperwork, and other items commonly overlooked when preparing these types of documents. Learn more about what the McKenzie law firm provides for his clients include:

Business formation plans
Business succession plans

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If you have business legal needs, from forming your business to making sure it gets transferred to the right people at the right time, the McKenzie Law Firm can help. Dan McKenzie is an experienced business attorney whose goal is to help clients successfully manage their businesses, provide expert advice and tools and make this aspect of their business easy to understand.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help, contact the McKenzie Law Firm today. Contact us online or call (303) 500-8846 for more information.