If you’ve blogged, you know the stress that comes with constantly having to to come up with compelling material that people will click on and read. This is especially true if your blog is about death, taxes, and law. Fortunately, a number of tools exist to help bloggers come up with great content. My new favorite tool is tweakyourbiz.com’s “Title Generator,” the creator of the headline for this post. Just plug a noun or a verb into the Title Generator, and get a list of hundreds of title suggestions for posts guaranteed to increase your readership. Sadly, this Mad Libs approach to blogging only gets you a title. You still have to come up with the content and, while I’ve got plenty of suggestions for how to create a great estate plan, it would be a stretch to describe any of them as “sexy.” But once I saw it, I couldn’t not use this headline. I hope you understand. It does appear to have worked, after all.

The Brad Pitt Approach to Learning to Estate Plan

So now that I’ve stooped to exploiting your prurient interests to trick you into visiting my site (really, you have no one to blame but yourself for this), I feel duty-bound to try to reward you with something substantive, and maybe even interesting, if not exactly sexy. So here goes:

Trusts! There is a widely spread and strongly held belief that you can reduce or even avoid estate taxes by putting your assets into a trust. Legally speaking, putting assets into a trust does remove them from your ownership, and so you can see how people would assume that it removes them from your tax basis as well. This belief, however, is false. Assets that you put into a trust for your benefit will still be included in your taxable estate.

That’s interesting, right? Maybe even sexy… if your partner is someone who finds it a turn on when you take care of your financial responsibilities.

The Sexy Estate Planning Secret to Your Best Beach Body Ever

Could it really be this easy? After racking my brain for the last two months, trying to come up with things to write about estate planning and small business operation that people would find interesting, could it be true that all I had to do to get readers was to promise a list and slip the word “sexy” into the title, no matter how incongruous. I guess we’re going to find out. If this works, please check back soon for my next post: “The 4 LLC Operating Agreement Provisions Guaranteed to Drive Her Wild.”