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Business formation and estate planning in Denver require significant decisions. The laws governing these areas of one’s life can be complicated and confusing. At the McKenzie Law Firm, we’ve created helpful free resources you can use for more information on these important issues.

Download our guides on estate planning, guardian selection and business formation options below. If you have any questions about any of these topics, we’re happy to help.


Estate Planning: A Guide To Avoiding Financial Disaster For You And Your Family

You may have been thinking for some time now about putting an estate plan in place or about will preparation in Colorado. You may have even started to take steps to move this forward. But are you truly satisfied with what you have done about it? Don’t let the state of Colorado or the courts tell you where your assets should go. Don’t risk your estate being fought over or being handed to the wrong party. See how you can easily take control of your assets and protect your loved ones.

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Guardian Selector Workbook: How to Choose the Right Guardian For Your Children

Make sure your wishes are followed, no matter what happens, by creating a valid estate plan with well thought out guardian instructions. Choosing the person who would serve as your kids’ guardian if something happens to you could be the most important decision you make as a parent. Click below and download our FREE guardian selector workbook now to help you make the right decision!

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Choosing the Right Legal Structure for Your Business

Selecting the right legal structure for your business is critical. If you’re finding the number of choices to be overwhelming, or you are unclear about what the advantages or disadvantages of your various options are, download this guide. It contains a chart laying out the advantages of disadvantages of the most popular business forms. As you form your business, this information can help you to make a decision you are more comfortable with and confident in.

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How To Save Your Family From Painful Financial Mistakes With Proper Estate Planning

You have probably been thinking for some time now about
putting an estate plan in place. You may have even started to
take steps to move this forward. But now I want to ask you a
pointed (and perhaps undiplomatic) question:
Are you satisfied with what you have done about it?

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Get Personalized Help from the McKenzie Law Firm Team

Researching these topics is a great first step toward taking control of your future, your assets and your legacy. Because of the many intricacies involved in properly executing a trust, estate planning, business formation, and other issues like these, working with a Denver trust attorney or business lawyer keeps you and your family protected. Don’t delay in making plans now, to prevent confusion, stress and hassle in the future.

If downloading any of these guides has prompted new questions about estate planning or business formation for you, please contact the McKenzie Law Firm. Our team has extensive experience in business creation and estate planning. Our goal is to ensure the needs of you and your family are met, and to avoid costly legal proceedings with proper planning. Get in touch with us online or call 303-500-8846 for more information.