Is getting your estate plan into place on your list of 2019 goals? Do you have an old estate plan that you’re worried is overdue for an update? Are you worried that the plan you have, or the plan you might put in place, is too complicated? Or not comprehensive? Will it avoid probate or not? Should avoiding probate even be your goal? What are the benefits or having a trust? Does a trust protect your assets from your creditors?

For answers to these and many other questions, check out our free, interactive estate planning webinars. The schedule and a reservation link are available here.

We look forward to helping you get this critical task taken care of.

What Next?

If you think it might be time to think through your estate plan, you can:

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  2. Visit our estate planning page to learn more about how proactively thinking through your estate plan can protect you and your family, minimize hassle, lower the chance of family discord, and minimize or eliminate taxes.
  3. Get a copy of our estate planning checklist to see where you currently stand.
  4. Learn more by attending one of our free webinars, reading our blog, or watching our videos.