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We begin our relationship with a one on one meeting with you. The goal is to discuss your situation and see if our firm would be a good fit for your needs. If, by the end of this meeting, you decide to proceed as a client, we take a deposit to schedule the next meeting. If you choose not to proceed, there is no obligation.



This meeting takes around two hours. In it, you and your attorney will discuss, in detail, your values and wishes for the distribution of your estate. You should plan to make preliminary decisions regarding the people you are naming as agents, and what sorts of protections you wish to place on the distribution of your assets.

Our team drafts your documents and sends multiple emails to ensure accuracy and complete understanding.

We set aside two hours to go over your documents, ensure the proper signatures and notarizations are applied to each document. We scan everything and provide you the originals to keep.

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The first step is to sit down and discuss the process of opening, administering, and closing an estate. You will have the opportunity to decide how much of the process you would like our help with.

We ensure all probate forms are submitted properly and all court appearances conducted by deadlines.

At the end of the Probate process, we will file to close the estate. We can also advise fiduciary agents.

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Whether you are already operating a business or at the beginning of the process, our planning meeting will help you understand what you need to do to get where you want to be. You have the choice what type of entity to create and the format it will take.

We file to form the entity, draft appropriate operating agreements, and work with your financial planner to implement the set up you need.

Whatever your future needs, whether retitling of assets or establishing a succession plan, our firm is here to help you through it.

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