Now Hiring: Client Relationship Specialist

Now Hiring: Client Relationship Specialist

We are seeking a Client Relationship Specialist to join our team! Our ideal teammate is someone who can work with minimal supervision and who loves the idea of being held accountable for results. Does it excite you or scare you to hear that we have a meeting each week where everyone’s progress, concerns, and issues from the previous week are projected on a shared screen and opened up to firm-wide discussion?

We value transparency, independence, reliability, and problem solving. You need to be comfortable (or capable of quickly becoming comfortable) with computers and software applications ranging from CRMs to scheduling software, social media platforms, and the usual suspects (Office Suite/Windows).

You will be responsible for increasing the number and quality of clients by developing, working, and improving systems designed to ensure that we are regularly reaching out to referral sources and potential clients with a consistent message that communicates who we are as a firm and what services we provide.

We have designated this job as part-time, but expect that it will likely require 30-35 hours per week to do well.


  • Oversee the development and consistent use of a system designed to establish and nurture relationships with potential client referral sources (usually other professional service providers such as financial advisors and accountants)
  • Be the first and best point of contact for clients and referral sources
  • Track, utilize, and report on data relevant to achievement of the firm’s goals
  • Manage daily task list to ensure all clients have a consistent high-level experience with our firm
  • Oversee the scheduling of client meetings and a process for ensuring that clients are adequately reminded about meetings
  • Manage the organization and storage of firm files, both electronic and hard copy
  • Work with the team to identify potential issues and be pro-active in ensuring clients’ unique needs are met to everyone’s satisfaction


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred or more than a year of experience in sales, client relations, or customer service in a professional service environment
  • Intermediate to advanced skill with Windows PCs, Outlook, Word, and Excel, and comfort with other Microsoft Office365 software, such as PowerPoint and OneNote
  • Outgoing personality and ability to quickly build rapport with people
  • Experience with Customer Relationship Management software (such as Infusionsoft, SalesForce, or ActiveCampaign) or customer database software a plus
  • Ability to work independently, but eager to be fully transparent with other teammates at all times about what you are accomplishing and what you are struggling with.
  • Ability to properly prioritize a task list that will frequently have more on it than you can get done in the time allotted
  • Some experience or knowledge of the legal industry a plus, but not required

Company Description

We are a small but busy law office with (mostly) pleasant clientele. We help our clients achieve peace of mind with estate planning, which includes creating wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advance directives, and guardian nominations. We also assist with probate and trust administration, and consult with people on small business matters.

We strive to document and utilize repeatable processes for everything that we have to do more than once. Our goal is to be like Chipotle. Everyone who goes to Chipotle comes out with their own customized burrito. But the process that they went through to get those burritos was the same for everyone. Both customers and employees benefit from that predictability. You will need to fully buy into this philosophy to be successful here.

As a small company, we don’t offer benefits other than a small amount of vacation time and an estate plan for you that would typically cost approximately $3,000. But what we lack in perks, we make up for with flexibility. We are very family friendly (the owner has 4 kids, ages 5-15), and we offer significant flexibility with regard to time and place of work. There definitely are times when we will need you in the office. Our goal is to have 2-3 client meetings 3-4 days per week, and we will want you in the office for those. But when we are not meeting with clients, it is generally up to you where, when, and how you work. Because of our family situations, we strive to ensure that our work fits within normal business hours, and we never ask for nights or weekends. Your performance will be based on the results you achieve, not face time.

Because of our significant family obligations and the stress created by having to solve difficult problems concerning our clients’ most personal affairs under tight deadlines, we strive to run as quiet and efficient an operation we can. Our clients bring us enough drama without us adding to it. This means there is not a lot of interoffice socializing or downtime. Not because we are not nice people, but because we need to keep our time in the office contained to a predictable and reasonable amount. You will have significant interactions with clients and other service professionals, but if social relationships with co-workers tend to be an important source of emotional support for you, this may not be an environment you enjoy.

Before You Apply…

Please be aware that the person who ultimately gets this job will have undergone three interviews over several weeks. We may also ask top candidates to undergo a background check and to facilitate phone conversations with your direct supervisors from the last five years.

To apply, please send whatever you think would be interesting to us here. We will be receiving and reviewing applications for a period of time before we begin responding to applicants. We ask that you not call us. If your application indicates that you might be a good fit for this job, we will call you.

Dan McKenzie
Dan McKenzie

Dan specializes in estate planning, estate administration, and small business counsel. He opened the McKenzie Law Firm in 2013, after spending 10 years as a litigator, seeing what can happen when people fail to carefully identify and mitigate their risks. He is pleased to be raising four kids in the same state where he grew up.