One year ago today, at 2:57 in the afternoon, I filed my Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State, plunked down $50, and the McKenzie Law Firm was born. At the time, there was no website. No office. No bank account. No phone number. No clients. … Just a lawyer approaching the 10 year anniversary of his graduation from law school with a (fourth!) baby on the way, and some ideas about how he would do things differently if he were the one in charge. As the firm turns 1, I can look back with a fair amount of satisfaction about what I’ve accomplished thus far. The list of goals and plans for continued improvement and innovation remains quite long. But that is probably as it should and always will be.

As it says on my home page: “My aim is to efficiently provide you with practical solutions for your family or your business in an approachable way and at a cost that is predictable and transparent.” Developing those practical solutions and delivering them in the most efficient manner possible is a never-ending quest. The process of drafting a will or setting up an LLC may seem formulaic. That’s the premise behind the “do it yourself” websites that have flourished recently.

But the thing about being a lawyer that never ceases to amaze me is that you never do encounter exactly the same problem twice. Questions that seem like they must have been answered hundreds of times already turn out to have all kinds of nuances that you wouldn’t have expected. Every client has his or her own unique concerns, and addressing those concerns leads me to learn something new every time.  Perhaps the most enduring piece of wisdom I picked up in law school is that if the answer seems obvious, it’s probably because you didn’t understand the question.

So thank you for the support you have given to me over the last year. Even if it was just reading this blog post, or liking my Facebook page, it is enormously gratifying to see that, yes, people are interested in hearing what I have to say about these topics that I think are critically important. While you’re here, be sure to check out my most popular posts from the past year:

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I will continue adding information that I think will be helpful to people trying to navigate their rights and responsibilities in the legal system. I understand that calling a lawyer can be intimidating. If I can make the law just a little bit more accessible to you, I will feel that I have accomplished something. If you found any of the above posts to be helpful or interesting, please follow me as I continue to explore issues . Links to all of my social sharing pages are down below.