One of the biggest drawbacks to having your estate pass to your loved ones via the probate process was dramatically highlighted recently by mailings inadvertently sent to families of the Aurora theater shooting victims. In the form letter, a local real estate investor offered to buy the victims’ houses. Unfortunately for the investor, his letter arrived the same week as the jury in the case was returning its verdict, a time that was already extremely emotional for the families.

How did this happen? The letter’s apologetic author explained that he regularly buys lists of all the probate cases open in local counties.

Your Probate Court Case Is A Matter of Public Record

That’s right. If, after you die, a probate matter needs to be opened to get your assets passed to your loved ones, that matter will be handled publicly, with all the associated documents available to anyone who might be interested in learning about your family and its finances. Families with open probate matters are often targets for fraud and identity theft.

Sound unappealing? Call our office to learn your options for ensuring that your loved ones are taken care of privately, according to your preferences, not by a judge in a public forum.