Q: What is DocuBank?

A: DocuBank is an online document storage service with whom we partner to offer our clients a safe and easily accessible method of sharing their estate plan documents. We provide our clients with a year subscription to DocuBank which includes the emergency wallet card and 2GB of SAFE storage. We also upload all estate planning documents to the client’s unique site, so that the documents are readily available in an emergency, or whenever our clients want to access them.

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Q: Why do I need this if I have the originals?

A: Of all your legal documents, your advance medical directives are the only ones that you may need access to quickly in an emergency. It is unlikely that you will be travelling with your medical power of attorney and living will at all times. Moreover, according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, living wills were not accessible in 74% of cases when needed in hospitals because the hospital did not have the document on file, nor any notation that the patient had completed one.

DocuBank helps to make sure that the documents you’ve completed will be there when they are needed most. DocuBank transmits a client’s advance medical directives to a hospital instantly, 24 hours a day/7 days a week, around the world.

In addition to making sure that hospitals receive your documents within moments, DocuBank also supplies them with essential emergency information.  DocuBank provides the convenience of carrying your critical information in your wallet. Your documents are stored safely in their system and available immediately by using your Member Number and PIN Code located on your DocuBank Emergency Card.

Q: Is DocuBank safe?

A: The storage in DocuBank is pin and password protected. To access the healthcare directives, someone would need to have your wallet card and pin number, and provide their name, email, and medical affiliation. To access documents in your SAFE, a person would need your encrypted password and your DocuBank membership number. In addition, the estate planning documents we upload do not contain any personal information. Your social security number is NOT used in any of your documents. While it may be sensitive information that you would not like your family members to have immediate access to, none of the information stored in DocuBank would compromise your financial security or identity.

Q: When will I be able to access my documents?

A: It usually takes a week to 10 days for DocuBank to create your account and send you an email with your pin number and membership information. We send your medical documents with the application, so they should already be loaded by the time you receive your card. We upload the rest of your estate planning documents within two weeks of your signing.

Q: What if I don’t want to continue the service?

A: DocuBank does not charge for deleting the documents in your account. They also will not have your personal information or credit card number, so cancelling is as easy as letting the subscription lapse.

Q: How can I buy more storage or keep my subscription going?

A: Renewals will be sent via mail and email each year. You can buy subscriptions in 1 or 5 year increments, and our firm offers a discount to current clients. Just let us know if you would like to renew and we can assist.

I need more information.

This link ill access their website for more information. You can also call their customer care center any time (866) DOCUBANK (362-8226.)