… you need an estate plan. Here is an interview I did explaining why:

As noted in the interview, I am currently offering to create emergency documents for one college aged child of any parents who hire me to create an estate plan for them (documents can be created for additional children at a reduced fee). Those documents include a medical record release authorization form, giving doctors the authority to discuss your child’s medical condition with you in the event of an emergency, along with powers of attorney so that you can make medical and financial decisions on your child’s behalf if he or she is unable to do so. Your child will also receive a wallet card, specifying who should be contacted in the event of an emergency, and providing your child’s doctor with immediate on-line access to his or her emergency documents.

Estate planning for parents: A critical responsibility that starts at birth

For parents of younger children, I am offering to conduct an initial meeting (up to two hours) to discuss your estate planning needs and options for free.

To take advantage of either offer, please contact our firm by the end of September 2014 to schedule an appointment.