I am outsourcing this week’s blog post to the Denver Post, which ran a great article earlier in the week about why you shouldn’t wait to plan your estate:

Estate planning is only for old, rich people.

Estate planning is scary.

Estate planning is so easy you can do it yourself.

Wrong. Wrong. And, so wrong, unless you want your family duking it out in front of Judge Judy.

Right. Also, with regard to trying to do it on your own (emphasis added):

You can write your own estate plan, but experts recommend against it. Estate planning is state-specific. That means Colorado law outlines how assets are disposed of at death and how citizens deal with their affairs. While websites sell low-cost estate planning forms, they are designed to be one-size-fits-all. “Based on my time on the bench, half of the disputes in litigation are because of do-it-yourself estate planning,” says Stewart.

The whole article is worth a read.

While the article makes the point that estate planning is important for all adults, it’s particularly important if you have children or other people who are financially dependent on you.

If you need to get an estate plan in place, please visit my estate planning page, which provides educational resources and describes the process that I use to get the right plan in place for my clients.