What are the things people dread the most?

  1. Paying taxes (of course, no one likes to see their money disappear)
  2. Difficult family conversations (ever had to tell your parents that you’re spending Thanksgiving with the in-laws?)
  3. Facing something you can’t control (like illness or death)

Maybe that’s why so many people dread the idea of creating an estate plan. It forces you to confront what most people naturally avoid. Many of us try to pretend it’s not going to happen, but the simple fact is that we are all going to die someday. Denying that fact makes as much sense as some of these old superstitions.  You don’t gain anything if you refuse to create an estate plan, but you have quite a bit to lose. Dying intestate (without an estate plan) opens your family up to discord and conflict as they attempt to discern what your wishes would have been. And it’s not just death that causes these issues. Any period of incapacity or severe illness can turn a family upside down and inside out without documents that clearly outline who should fulfill the necessary roles in your life if you can’t.

It doesn’t have to be stressful and unpleasant to create an estate plan. In fact, creating a plan with a professional team to guide you through the process can actually result in feelings of peace and confidence. How?

Conquer Fear

To a child, the dark is frighting because it encapsulates the unknown. How can you be sure there’s not something dangerous lurking nearby? Turn on the light. That’s what creating an estate plan can do. Our firm prides itself first and foremost on our client education. We dedicate ourselves to talking with clients about their values and explaining the documents we create for them. From the very first meeting with our attorneys you will be receiving real – and relevant – information about the importance of estate planning , court processes, local laws, and the myriad options available to accomplish your goals. Once the light is on, you can see clearly what you’re facing. It’s rarely as scary to create an estate plan as you might fear.

Create a Plan

There’s nothing worse than barreling along the highway at 75 mph and seeing the truck ahead of you swerve and brake. Whatever’s in the way is coming up FAST and there might not be time to adjust for it. Wouldn’t you rather your GPS warn you about an accident in the left lane 5 miles ahead so you can get over? That’s one of the best reasons to start your estate planning early. We don’t just point out possible pitfalls; we create solutions to lessen conflict, clarify your values, and retain as much wealth as possible in the hands of your heirs. So there’s no time like the present to create an estate plan. We help clients who are single and just heading out to college all the way up to octogenarians with adult grandkids. Everyone can benefit from a quality estate plan.

Find a Partner

Any unpleasant task is easier when another person provides solidarity and assistance. Even something as simple as starting a new workout routine will have better effect if a friend joins in. We laugh with our clients constantly, and sometimes we cry with them. No question is too basic or unimportant. We are here to make sure that your plan achieves what you want it to achieve. You have someone in your corner who cares about the outcome just as much as you do.

So contact us and find out why we have so many 5 star reviews from satisfied clients. We’ll be happy to help you find peace of mind about the future of your estate.