The Financial Advisor’s Estate Planning Desk Reference

Despite what your compliance department may tell you about being forbidden from giving your clients legal advice, the service you provide to them requires you to advise your clients on critical estate planning decisions all the time. Because your financial advice will significantly impact the eventual administration and distribution of your clients’ estates, it is crucial that you understand how that advice works together and fits in with their wills, trusts, and powers of attorney.

Let’s Go To Estate Planning

You can find some information on the internet but it’s either scattered, outdated or written in complicated and confusing language.

This e-book puts it all in one place in simple, no-nonsense terms. All lessons are based on personal experience or collected from The Financial Advisor’s Estate Planning Desk Reference friends and legal experts. Each chapter is designed to be one step in your journey. You’ll receive a 110-page PDF you can print or read on your computer, your iPad, smartphone or Kindle. Easy.

About the Author

Dan McKenzie opened the McKenzie Law Firm, LLC in 2013, following 10 years of work as a trial lawyer. As a trial lawyer, Dan helped consumers who had been defrauded by unfair business practices or who had been physically injured by poorly designed and inadequately tested products. Since opening his own office, Dan’s goal has been to help clients identify and mitigate their risks to the full extent possible, with the goal of avoiding expensive and time-consuming litigation.


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