Most estate plans follow a relatively well-established pattern. Usually, people want to leave their money and material possessions to their spouse or, if their spouse predeceases them, to their kids. There can be still be lots of complications, even in that relatively straightforward scenario. Perhaps you have a blended family, and you want your money to go to your kids and not your spouse’s kids. Or maybe you’ve got some fancy tax planning that needs to be considered. But it’s rare to run into a situation where the end goal could be described as being way out of left field.

Enter the 13 crazy wills listed in this post. I haven’t verified the accuracy of any of these, but let’s just hope that they’re true, because they sure are entertaining. My favorite? Napoleon Bonaparte:

The French Emperor requested that his head should be shaved and the hair divided among friends. A recent analysis of some of the hair that was kept by his friends discovered large amounts of arsenic.