Estate Planning Horror Stories

29 Jul Estate Planning Horror Stories

You may have heard about the importance of estate planning. Usually, this surfaces when a celebrity or extremely wealthy person passes away and a well-publicized probate battle ensues among the heirs. Many of these disgruntled heirs claim they were unfairly omitted or left with minimal inheritances from mistakes the decedent...

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16 Jul Estate Planning For Newlyweds

If you've just gotten married, congratulations! It's time to think through your estate plan. You and your spouse need to talk with each other about what estate planning tools you want or need. This is also an excellent time to consult with estate planning attorney Dan McKenzie if you live in the Denver area. Dan has considerable experience helping young couples with their estate planning, and can discuss your situation and outline a strategy for you.
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Gay Estate Planning

14 Jul Estate Planning Advice for LGBT

The US Supreme Court handed down an historic ruling on June 26, 2015, requiring all states to recognize same sex marriages. Same sex couples who are legally married and those who will be should be aware of the benefits they may now take advantage of that were once denied. Most of these have to do with tax advantages in estate planning that were limited to heterosexual married couples. These include the following:
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